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Epson R230 Blinking lampu merah bergantian

To day i have repaired Epson R230 printer with infuse both red led light blinking and green led ( power led light ) not lit. When the power button pressed, the printer responding and green led lit for a while and quiet after some seconds.
To solve this error i have do the following steps
1. Turn off epson R230 printer
2. Open upper casing
3. Clean encoder with tissue and glass cleaner
4. Move home cartridges to right position
5. Clean small censor under the left of cartridges with tissue and glass cleanet
6. Turn ON the cartridges and printer will working normally

Discussion this time is about the Epson R210 and R230 printers that the Resume and Ink Led blinking rapidly. This damage often occurs, and hopefully with this article easier for you all ....

How To Service Epson R210 / R230 Ink and Resume Led Blinking Rapidly :

Early indications:
When the printer is turned on, the printer will look normal and do the calibration with head movement to the right and left on a regular basis. But at the end of the printer calibration, printer process stopped completely with ink indicator led and resume led (which the paper symbol) flashing blinking rapidly.

Epson R210 / R230 Ink and Resume Led Blinking Rapidly, this is caused by the closing of the sensor under the head by the ink overflow, and eventually the printer will protect themselves by stop completely.

Service Solutions Epson R210 / R230 Ink and Resume Led Blinking Rapidly :

1. Open the case Epson R210 / R230.

2. Take Head printer and see the bottom, there you will find a small sensor which is normally closed / submerged ink.

3. Clean this sensor.

4. If the problem still the same, Ink and Resume Led R210 / R230 still blinking fast, then you should replace the sensor and cable.

5. Completed and the printer is ready to try .....

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